12 Best Foods for Hydrating Your Body in summers

Mixed green salads
Mixed green salads

Staying well hydrated is essential for us. More so in summers when we lose more water due to high temperature of the surroundings and sweating.

Though there is no decree on the minimum or maximum amount of water we need to drink for the body to function properly, we must ensure that our bodies are well hydrated all the time.

Our body needs water!

Now, this hydration or the water required by the body need not come ONLY from water or the fluids we consume. We can also hydrate our bodies through the foods we eat.

Here is the list of top 12 foods that can help you keep your bodies well hydrated even in summers:


Watermelons: The best food for hydrating our bodies [Image source]
With 92% water content, watermelon tops the list as THE BEST hydrating food. Not just water; it is loaded with Vitamin A (which is essential for good eye health and a wonderful antioxidant), Vitamin C (which improves your immunity, helps in healing of wounds and is vital for healthy gums and teeth) and Vitamin B6 (which controls nerve cells and helps produce energy needed for metabolism).


Cucumbers: 96% water! [Image Source]
Low in calories, low in fats and 96% water. While the high water content helps keep the body hydrated and regulates your body temperature, the high mineral content makes them the best food for your skin. It helps keep blood pressure under check, has cancer fighting properties and is great for digestion. Could you ask for more?


Eggplants: Full of water, low in calories [Image Source]
Brinjals or eggplants are rich sources of water and very high in fiber inspite of being low in calories. This makes them ideal not only for hydrating the body but also for those who need to watch their weight. All such people need to do is avoid recipes which involve frying, because eggplant can absorb a lot of oil due to its spongy texture.

Mixed green salads

Mixed green salads
Mixed green salads [Image Source]
Green salads full of romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, other raw veggies and fruits with a dash of olive oil can not only provide you lots of hydration but also Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, iron, calcium, folic acid and fiber! So, if you want to throw away your multivitamin pills, just stick to a bowl of green salads at least once a day!


Zucchini: Almost 95% water! [Image Source]
With a water content of more than 95%, zucchini is a perfect food for hydrating the body besides being one of the best choices for weight loss (because of its low calorie content). Rich in Vitamins A, B6 and C, folate, potassium and manganese, it provides protection against colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, scurvy, asthma and cardiovascular disease.


Celery: The ‘Negative Calorie Food’ [Image Source]
Crunchy-munchy celery sticks which contain 96% water are again great foods for restoring the fluid balance of the body besides helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and fight certain cancers. Though often called “The Negative Calorie Food“, they certainly are not devoid of calories altogether. When it comes to hydrating, they are twice as effective as a glass of water!


Apples- Keep the doctor away! [Image Source]
This super food is a wonderful anti-oxidant, helps lower the level of blood cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and even some types of cancers besides providing hydration to the body. That’s how it helps you keep the doctor away!

Bell peppers

Bell peppers
Bell peppers- add a dash of color! [Image Source]
Colorful and attractive bell peppers contain 92% water making them ideal foods for hydrating the body in summers. Apart from water, they contain generous amounts of Vitamins B6 and C, thiamine, beta carotene and folic acid, aiming them a store house of vital nutrients.


Crisp and crunchy carrots [Image Source]
Carrots, with a water content of 87%, are great foods for providing hydration to the body besides being powerful anti-oxidants and rich sources of Vitamins B1, B2, B6, K, dietary fiber, biotin, thiamine and potassium. They help fight cancers, improve vision, prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke.


Broccoli: The ‘Health Food of the Century’ [Image Source]
Called the “Health food of the century”, raw broccoli contains 91% water. In addition to that, it is a goldmine of nutrients- being rich I, Vitamin C, fiber, calcium and calories. It helps maintain a healthy nervous system; repair damage caused by the sun and fortifies the defense mechanism of the body.


Pineapples- The vibrant tropical flavor [Image Source]
Juicy, sweet and delicious pineapples have numerous other health benefits for the body besides being excellent sources of water. Brimming with vitamins (A and C) and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and potassium, they promote good health, help fight coughs and colds, strengthen bones and improve digestion.


Yogurt: Laden with ‘good’ bacteria [Image Source]
In a state of dehydration, our body needs to restore the lost electrolytes in addition to the water content. Yogurt, with its high sodium and potassium content, helps to do that and revitalizes the body.

Conclusion: Not only are most of the fruits and vegetables listed above great hydrating foods, they are also extremely effective fat burners. So, you could be shedding some of those extra pounds hanging on to you while your body gets hydrated.


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