A very popular doctor of Horizon Health Network’s department of cardiology located in New Brunswick, Canada declared that 90-mg dose of the THC is inappropriate. Smoking a common joint would open an individual to only 7 mg of THC, while a beginning portion of a manufactured THC called dronabinol is just 2.5 mg. Individuals with AIDS or malignant growth will be in general utilize this variant, and it can likewise battle sickness and energize hunger.

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Marijuana is quite useful in getting relief from pain and nausea and serves as a useful element for treating many illnesses of the patients. Similar to other medications, marijuana also has some complications and side effects.

If you consume a large amount of THC then it can make you feel anxiety and hallucinations. The strain caused by such effects resulted in the heart attack by experiencing a triggering response in the sympathetic nervous system. A rapid heart rate, an abnormally high blood pressure, and the release of the stress hormone catecholamine demonstrated the cardiac events. The chest pain experiencing by the man went away as soon as the Marijuana effects are worn off.marijuana co3

This is not the only medical case of Marijuana effect there are many other similar pieces of evidence which had been concluded from the medical reports that show a proper relationship between cannabis consumption and acute cardiovascular adverse events. The results of such effects may sometime lead to irregular heartbeat to stroke and it sometimes even result in sudden death.

Warning- After handling some certain cases, doctors have examined and come to a piece of conclusive advice especially for the old man using marijuana. They have advised everyone to limit the usage of Marijuana and to take the smallest dose. However, if there is someone suffering from cardiovascular disease or at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease they must find an alternative like Cannabidiol and stop consuming THC. They should even consider some of the factors like tolerance level and consumption. For example, if there is a person who is addicted to Marijuana for a long time experience more side effects rather than the person who is not so used to Marijuana.marijuana pic3

Similarly, if a person is correspondingly eating a THC implanted brownie or candy would open an individual to more THC than if they had utilized a vaporizer.  It is very hopeful that the scientists may go for further research related to more side effects of Marijuana. It is very important nowadays to spread awareness about the side effects of Marijuana. It can be done by educating people especially old people must be the target.