Do Earphones Seriously Effect the Eardrums ?


cropped. eardrum-minWe all as a human being experience certain situations in our life when we don’t need anything, however, to simply block out the world and keep ourselves dipped in some mood refreshing music. What’s more, there are additional days when you end up spending your precious several hours on phone, no matter related to work or something else. The utilization of innovation in our day to day lives is on the expansion all the more and a lot of works can be finished with a single click. From exchanging cash to purchasing things going from costly adornments to a thing as little as basic supplies have become possible on your door with the innovation in technology. One such creation of the progression of innovation is the invention of earphones or headphones. These are fundamentally called as little speakers which can be put specifically to the ears and you can tune into your most loved music station whenever and wherever without aggravating others. Similar to other inventions earphones or headphones also have some pros along with certain cons. It is very obvious and true that the quality of music that you get with the earphones is much better and even you are not disturbing others but we cannot ignore the saying  ”excess of everything is bad”. According to the research on the hearing impairment cases, it is medically proven that if a person uses earphones or headphones for a long time then he has to face some of its ill effects too which ranges from hearing impairment to certain serious issues like complete loss of hearing or severe infection in your ear.
The recent design of earphones is modified in such a way that they directly fit in the ear canal which is also called as noise reducing earphones or headphones. However, the earphones do not allow the outside noise to enter your ear and create disturbance in your hobby of listening to music but be aware that these earphones do not leave the passage for air to pass through the ear canal which sometimes results in various ear infections. This article is a beautiful compilation of the disadvantages of prolonged use of earphones or headphones or we can also say the impact of earphones on our one of the very sensitive organs of the body or an elephant in the room.

Consequences of prolonged use of earphones on our ears:  Although it seems so weird that a small earphone causes damage in the volume but it is a very true fact that prolonged use of earphones can cause hearing impairment not instantly but over the long term. eardrum 4-min

  • Hearing loss- If a person is using earphones or headphones then the music goes directly to the ear canal and if the volume increases by around 85 decibels then it adversely affects the listening ability of the person and it is also seen that in some of the cases it leads to complete hearing loss. According to doctors, if you are listening to music which is of more than 100 decibels for 20 minutes then it can result in severe hearing disorders. So, it is always advised to keep the volume low which is not only beneficial in keeping you away from hearing disorder but can also make the music melodious.
  • Ear infections- one of the quite popular negative consequence of using earphones or headphones especially in that case when an earphone is being shared. Be alert if you are sharing your earphones frequently with someone then you are welcoming various bacteria to enter your ear and to get it affected.
  • Ear Pain- Another negative impact of prolonged use of earphones or headphones on our ears. It is the most common complaint of people using earphones over a long period of time and with a high volume. You may have heard people complaining about buzzing sounds in the ear.
  • Ear Wax- it is seen in various cases that a person using earphones for a long period of time complains about excessive production of ear wax which gradually results in severe issues like tinnitus, ear infections, and also hearing impairment.
  • Impact on the brain- This may even affect the functioning of the brain if earphones are used for a long time as the earphones generate electromagnetic waves which are harmful if used for a long time. However, there is no concrete evidence and very few cases have come in notice where people complain about brain-related issues. Our brain is in direct contact with the inner ear, so any infection or harm to the inner ear can spread to the brain.earphones


What precautions can be done to save our eardrums?

  1. Avoid using tiny earplugs which get directly connected to the ear canal and start using the bigger ones to prevent your ears from getting damaged.
  2. Do not share your earphones if in case it can be ignored.
  3. Be sure of changing your earbuds at least after every 2 months.
  4. Make it your habit of listening to music at low volume if you don’t want to get the above mentioned adverse effects of earphones.



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