MEDICAL TREATMENTwhy foreigner patient looking for the medical treatment in India
India is a country which is getting developed very fast in all the sectors including Medical Sector. If we go back to the last 10years statistics of Medical Sector of India then we can easily conclude that this is the most developed sector of India. Though we are so developed now, having all the facilities available here still it happens that whenever an international patient comes here for any kind of treatment, they come up with many questions in their mind. Apart from it, we have many international patients who have given us positive feedback about the Indian Medical Tourism and have appreciated our country. To clarify the leftover doubts about medical facilities in India, I would like to add up the positive aspects of the Indian Medical Sector.
Most developed Technologies: We have numerous hospitals which are well equipped with the most developed technologies helping patients to get the least painful and the best treatment.
Cost Effective: The treatment of any illness is very less as compared to other countries.
Award-Winning Hospitals: There are many hospitals in India which have won International awards because of the complicated cases handled by them and for installing the latest technologies.
Highly Qualified Doctors: It’s not so easy to become a doctor in India. The parameters to become a specialized doctor one needs to crack exam and has to go through many competency levels. The doctors even go abroad to gain the specialization in their respective field.
Availability of Medical Visa: Nowadays, the Indian government has started issuing Medical Visas to the needy ones.hospita pics
There are many other points to prove that India should be the first priority of everyone to come for the Medical Tourism, like in most of the Indian hospitals we do not have to wait for a long time to get the benefits of the hospital. There are many reputed hospitals in India like Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Max Healthcare Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Medanta Hospital etc. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital of Delhi is the second hospital of the country where Liver Transplant was initiated and is on the top position in “Minimizing Medication Errors” and has proved itself as one of the best hospitals of Pediatrics and Neurology. Medanta Hospital of Delhi is one of the hospitals of India which is renowned for its specialty in Cardiac Surgery, Electrophysiology and Pacing, Clinical and Preventive Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology. International Fertility Clinic is a hospital which is clubbed with many facilities for the International patients as it provides Visa Assistance, Flight Booking facility, appropriate accommodation, and language interpreters so that the international patients won’t have to face any problem. The hospital is well known for its best diagnosis on the infertility case. Many International couples had visited this hospital with a hope to get blessed with a baby. They got the positive results and appreciated IVF for its facilities. Jose, a gentleman from Brazil visited Derma Clinic for Hair Transplant and was very thankful to the hospital for the treatment and the facilities got from Derma Clinic. He shared that he had consulted many hospitals in Brazil for the same treatment and there the hospitals were asking him for a huge amount which was much more than the charge taken by Derma Clinic. Maria from Italy recently visited Columbia Asia Hospital for the treatment of Breast Cancer and shared her experience of treatment at the hospital. She was very much satisfied as she said that for the same treatment she had visited many countries like America, Brazil and so on but they all charging her the amount which was around 8 times the amount which she had to pay at Columbus Asia Hospital and even she was not offered with the same facilities which were offered to her in India.PATIENT
There are many other cases like these which prove that India is now giving a tough competition to the well-developed countries and setting a benchmark in the field of Medical Tourism for other countries. Indian Medical facility is a kind of boon for the patients because of the above-mentioned reasons. The success stories of the treatment of many celebrities of India as well as of foreign countries show that India is a country which one should definitely opt for Medical Tourism.


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