Are Your Shoes Causing You Back Pain- Tips to Pick Up the Best Shoes for Back Pain


Today, we will help you pick up the best shoes for back pain.

Suffering from back ache, and can’t really make out what is causing it?

The culprit could be the shoes you are wearing!

You might not even have realized that wrong choice of shoes can cause you back ache. Choosing the inappropriate shoes for your activities or wearing shoes that do not fit you properly can play havoc with your spinal health and cause you more discomfort than you’d probably thought.

Back Pain
Back Pain [Image Source]
Most fashion conscious women would not mind enduring some discomfort for wearing those sexy stilettos to a party or to a dinner date. What they probably do not realize is that they could be causing long term damage to their spine by doing so.

Read on to choose the best shoes for back pain

High heels and back pain: the correlation

Your heel is the first part of your body to hit the ground when you stand or walk. After the heel makes that impact with the ground, the weight gets transferred to the rest of the foot gradually. Your feet, ultimately, bear the weight of your entire body as you stand or walk.

And how your weight is distributed over your feet when you stand or walk will be determined by your choice of shoes.

If you are wearing comfortable shoes, your body weight will be evenly distributed over your feet, thereby avoiding any undue stress over the muscles of your feet as well as your spine.

If, on the contrary, you are wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes, the weight of the body will not be over your heels but on your toes. This, precisely, is the reason you get pain in your toes whenever you wear shoes that are too narrow or pointed and do not give your toes enough space. That causes cramped toes at the end of the evening, with you wanting to kick out your sexy shoes the moment you reach back home.

High heels cause the body weight to shift forward, putting more pressure on the toes and also causing the back to get slightly arched, without you even realizing it. As a result, you will get a back ache and sore feet in some time.

Blaming your shoes for back pain already? Wait- there’s more you need to know!

Now, while that does not sound too good, especially for those who suffer from back pain, that should be no reason to throw out all high heels altogether? All you need to do is be careful while picking up your shoes and heels. Pick up the RIGHT shoes to help back pain.

Some high heels can be comfortable too, if they support your heel properly and help distribute your body weight over the entire foot evenly. On the contrary, flat shoes can also cause back ache or discomfort if they are not fitting you properly.

Choose your shoes carefully, and avoid high heels. Do not wear them too often.

If you already suffer from a severe back ache, you would d best to talk to a specialist who can help you pick up just the right orthotic shoes for you.

Specially designed footwear which helps support the muscles and joints of the feet properly can provide relief to those cramped toes and hurting back.

Tips for Buying the Best Shoes for Back Pain:

Pick up the best shoes for lower back pain by following the simple tips laid down below:

Best Shoes for Back Pain
Best Shoes for Back Pain [Image Source]
Your feet change in size throughout the day & are biggest at the end of the day. As far as possible, go shopping shoes late in the evenings to avoid buying shoes which might seem like a size-too-small when you want to put them on next time.

Avoid buying shoes and other footwear online, because you will never know how comfortable a pair of shoes is till you actually try walking in them for a few steps at least.

Don’t pick up a pair which does not fit you too well thinking that they will fit better as time goes by. Learn to walk away from ill fitting shoes than trying to walk in them.

My personal experience says that shoes which give you some extra space in front of the big toe are most comfortable. While it is important to have enough space, make sure that the shoes are not too loose. In that case, you will not be able to walk comfortably.

Never buy shoes in a hurry. Try both shoes on, and make sure you can move comfortably in them. A good pair of shoes must allow your feet enough stability.

Avoid wearing flip-flops. Though they are so easy to put on and take off, they put excessive pressure on the toes since they are open at the back. As your toes work overtime to maintain a grip on your flip flops, the balance of your entire body gets disturbed. Your hips become misaligned and tired, as do the muscles of the back and legs. Not only that, they provide little or no cushion to the heels and your feet feel tired too.

Throw away your back pain shoes and pick up the right pair that fits you well.

We hope the simple dos and don’ts listed above will help you choose the best shoes for back pain.


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