Medical Treatments in India



The healthcare sector of India is now quite popular in the global arena as many patients from abroad visit India for medical treatment. Thus medical tourism industry is one of the booming industries right now. The positive feedback shared by the foreigners who have received treatment in India has led to the growing popularity of medical treatments in India. Even the country’s national healthcare policy supports and encourages such medical travel to give the country an improved economic status. To learn more about medical treatments in India, read on-

Benefits of Medical Treatments in India

There are several reasons as to why foreigners seek for medical treatments in India. The top ones are listed below-

  1. The cost of medical treatment in India is almost 1/10th of what it is in countries like UK, USA etc. Thus, people come here from overseas to get affordable treatment
  2. Doctors here are well trained, experienced and qualified enough to offer flawless services which are pocket-friendly at the same time. Doctors here are multi-lingual too. Thus, communicating with foreign patients isn’t a challenge for them
  3. There are highly advanced healthcare infrastructure with state-of-art medical equipments especially in the private hospitals of the country
  4. Personalized special healthcare available on demand
  5. Cordial and good-natured staffs at hospitals offer the necessary healing support
  6. Treatment available at zero waiting period
  7. Highly affordable fee for consultation when compared to the foreign countries
  8. India can be a great option to avail the treatment-cum-leisure facility as there are many wonderful tourist places in the country where patients can enjoy a post-operative, recuperative vacation
  9. In India patients can get access to the alternative healing stream of medicine plus the ancient Ayurvedic healing stream through services like meditation, naturopathy, homeopathy, pranic healing, aroma therapy, reiki, yoga which is indeed an added advantage for the foreign healthcare treatment seekers

How to Approach

There are many service providers who arrange medical tourism in India for the foreign patients. One can get in touch with these service providers or visit their website to enquire about costs, treatment options, packages, hospitals for getting treated, These service providers generally offer interested foreign patients with unbiased consultation on things like accommodation during treatment, getting doctor’s appointment pre and post operative meet-ups with doctors, trips to be undertaken in the country and many more. Medical visa too is arranged by these service providers once the patient chooses a treatment package through their platform

The Top Treatments and Packages Available

Some of the most popular treatment facilities availed by foreign tourists in India include-

  • Ophthalmology treatment
  • Dental care treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery treatment
  • Orthopedic treatment
  • Multi-organ transplant treatment
  • IVF and other infertility treatment
  • Spine and neurosurgery treatment
  • ENT Treatment
  • Cardiology treatment
  • Bariatric surgery treatment
  • Urology treatment
  • Gastroenterology treatment
  • Surrogacy treatment option


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