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Do Earphones Seriously Effect the Eardrums ?


cropped. eardrum-minWe all as a human being experience certain situations in our life when we don’t need anything, however, to simply block out the world and keep ourselves dipped in some mood refreshing music. What’s more, there are additional days when you end up spending your precious several hours on phone, no matter related to work or something else. The utilization of innovation in our day to day lives is on the expansion all the more and a lot of works can be finished with a single click. From exchanging cash to purchasing things going from costly adornments to a thing as little as basic supplies have become possible on your door with the innovation in technology. One such creation of the progression of innovation is the invention of earphones or headphones. These are fundamentally called as little speakers which can be put specifically to the ears and you can tune into your most loved music station whenever and wherever without aggravating others. Similar to other inventions earphones or headphones also have some pros along with certain cons. It is very obvious and true that the quality of music that you get with the earphones is much better and even you are not disturbing others but we cannot ignore the saying  ”excess of everything is bad”. According to the research on the hearing impairment cases, it is medically proven that if a person uses earphones or headphones for a long time then he has to face some of its ill effects too which ranges from hearing impairment to certain serious issues like complete loss of hearing or severe infection in your ear.
The recent design of earphones is modified in such a way that they directly fit in the ear canal which is also called as noise reducing earphones or headphones. However, the earphones do not allow the outside noise to enter your ear and create disturbance in your hobby of listening to music but be aware that these earphones do not leave the passage for air to pass through the ear canal which sometimes results in various ear infections. This article is a beautiful compilation of the disadvantages of prolonged use of earphones or headphones or we can also say the impact of earphones on our one of the very sensitive organs of the body or an elephant in the room.

Consequences of prolonged use of earphones on our ears:  Although it seems so weird that a small earphone causes damage in the volume but it is a very true fact that prolonged use of earphones can cause hearing impairment not instantly but over the long term. eardrum 4-min

  • Hearing loss- If a person is using earphones or headphones then the music goes directly to the ear canal and if the volume increases by around 85 decibels then it adversely affects the listening ability of the person and it is also seen that in some of the cases it leads to complete hearing loss. According to doctors, if you are listening to music which is of more than 100 decibels for 20 minutes then it can result in severe hearing disorders. So, it is always advised to keep the volume low which is not only beneficial in keeping you away from hearing disorder but can also make the music melodious.
  • Ear infections- one of the quite popular negative consequence of using earphones or headphones especially in that case when an earphone is being shared. Be alert if you are sharing your earphones frequently with someone then you are welcoming various bacteria to enter your ear and to get it affected.
  • Ear Pain- Another negative impact of prolonged use of earphones or headphones on our ears. It is the most common complaint of people using earphones over a long period of time and with a high volume. You may have heard people complaining about buzzing sounds in the ear.
  • Ear Wax- it is seen in various cases that a person using earphones for a long period of time complains about excessive production of ear wax which gradually results in severe issues like tinnitus, ear infections, and also hearing impairment.
  • Impact on the brain- This may even affect the functioning of the brain if earphones are used for a long time as the earphones generate electromagnetic waves which are harmful if used for a long time. However, there is no concrete evidence and very few cases have come in notice where people complain about brain-related issues. Our brain is in direct contact with the inner ear, so any infection or harm to the inner ear can spread to the brain.earphones


What precautions can be done to save our eardrums?

  1. Avoid using tiny earplugs which get directly connected to the ear canal and start using the bigger ones to prevent your ears from getting damaged.
  2. Do not share your earphones if in case it can be ignored.
  3. Be sure of changing your earbuds at least after every 2 months.
  4. Make it your habit of listening to music at low volume if you don’t want to get the above mentioned adverse effects of earphones.


Myths Vs Facts Related to Some Diseases


The medical field is immensely necessary for the survival of mankind. The researches and the development in the medical field result in the remedies for diseases that affect us. Perhaps, scientific medicine is the greatest achievement of the Universe although, throughout the years, people have developed a gathering of stock responses to restorative inquiries that have turned out to be so imbued in our normal mind that they are currently viewed as realities. Similarly, as there are many energizing and educational realities in the therapeutic field, there is additionally an assortment of legends. Characterized as a dubious story that has no true promise, a legend is a regularly acknowledged conviction that won’t leave. So, ready to be astonished by knowing some of the weirs medical myths?

  1. Leprosy- if you get in touch with a person suffering from leprosy, then the illness commutes to you also and you get affected by it. Leprosy makes your appearance disfigured.

Medical Fact- the virus that causes leprosy doesn’t get spread easily and you need to be in close and constant contact with the person having leprosy. Perhaps, 95% of the population is immune to the virus causing leprosy. Another thing to make clear off your mind is Leprosy disfigures you. It’s not true at all as medical researchers and doctors state that is leprosy catches you in early age then the only evidence left is the patches on your skin.

  1. Breast Cancer-

Myth- It’s like a sneeze and is a quite communicable disease.

Fact- Breast cancer is not at all contagious and cannot be spread or transferred to someone else’s body because cancer cells cannot survive inside a healthy person’s body as a healthy immune system can destroy the foreign cancer cells. There is no proper evidence telling about the spread of cancer from one person to other by spending a lot of time with them, kissing them or having sex with them and even it is also heard that breathing same air spreads cancer which is however not true at all.

  1. Coughing-

Myth- All coughs are communicable and contagious.

Fact- This is true that cough is contagious but on the other hand it is also true that all coughs are not contagious. Those coughs which occur due to viral or bacterial infection gets spread from one person to another and on the other side the cough resulting due to the result of certain allergies, asthma, or due to airway irritation is not contagious and your neighboring person cannot get affected by it.

  1. Tuberculosis-

Myth- Tuberculosis is hereditary and if someone coughs then it gets spread to the person in contact. You must have heard people saying that tuberculosis is a hereditary disease or don’t go closer to him, he is suffering from TB and if he sneezes you will get the disease too.

Fact- Medical studies clearly prove that Tuberculosis is not hereditary and it is an airborne disease which can get spread through when TB infected person coughs or sneezes but it is also true that if you are in contact with the person for a long time (generally around for hours or days).

  1. Rabies

Myth- Rabies is generally transmitted by the bite of an animal and only one rabies virus is known to cause the disease.

Fact- Rabies can be transmitted when a wound or a broken skin comes in contact with the saliva of the rabid animals or even the animal scratches a victim’s skin by its claws. Even airborne rabies also occurs in rabid bat caves. It is also not true that there is only one virus of rabies as there are numerous rabies-related viruses like Mokola Virus, Lagola bat virus, European bat viruses 1 and 2 etc.


Myth- If you are HIV infected then you can’t get a baby and if both the partners are HIV positive then they don’t need a condom during intercourse.

Fact- if you are an HIV positive lady then also you can conceive and deliver a baby if the intercourse is well-managed. If the intercourse is being done without a condom then you may get infected with some other infections. It means that there are strains of HIV so your strain can infect your partner too. So, it is always better to have safe intercourse with your partner.



INDIA -”The Birth Place Of Yoga”


India - the birth place of yoga

We often try out many medical procedures to keep ourselves well-maintained and to look younger but we never think to opt for the natural way to keep ourselves strong, young, and energetic. Yoga is basically a disciplined control dependent on a very inconspicuous science that centers around bringing agreement among psyche and body. It is workmanship and science of solid living. The word Yoga has been originated from the Sanskrit root words “Yuj” which signifies to join together or “to burden”. Yoga is an approach to learn and comprehend spiritual India. Likewise, Yoga is related to the way of life and legacy of India. Yoga states that the nervous system of our body affects the health and if you perform Yoga on regular basis then your nervous system gets purified and keeps your body strong and healthy. The origin of Yoga is believed to be the same old as human civilization. In any case, there is no solid proof to demonstrate this announcement. Despite broad research in this field, there are no solid discoveries related to the origin of Yoga.
India is reckoned as the originating or the birthplace of Yoga where it was originated around 5000 years ago. As per many western scholars believe Yoga came into existence (around 500BC) and not 5000 years ago. Amid the unearthing of the most punctual known human advancement of Indus Valley Civilization, numerous surprising realities approached. The soapstone seals that existed amid that period have been discovered engraved with figures looking like that of a yogi sitting in yoga like stance. Initially, Yoga began for the advancement of a network as opposed to oneself.
kinds of YogaKinds of Yoga– This unique discipline has been classified into various types including Vedic Yoga, Pre-classical Yoga, Classical Yoga, Postclassical Yoga, and Modern Yoga.
Vedic Yoga- As per Vedas, the origin of Yoga in India is associated with the Vedic period. The most seasoned referred to Yogic lessons are known as Vedic Yoga or obsolete yoga which can be seen in four Vedas i.e. Rig Veda, Yajur-Veda, Sama-Veda, and Atharva Veda. Customs and services related to Vedic Yoga endeavor to beat the limitations of the brain. Consequently, Vedic Yoga was firmly associated with the custom existence of individuals around them. Yoga was considered as an approach to interface with the imperceptible world and related around a penance- a penance of oneself. Sacrificers, for a drawn-out timeframe, used to concentrate on only one thing like reflection. In this manner, Vedic Yoga is viewed as a foundation of Yoga in India. An ace of Vedic Yoga was known as a diviner- Rishi in Sanskrit.
Pre-classical Yogapre perfect yoga
That point was the time of pre-traditional Yoga that was set apart with the production of Upanishads. Around 2000 years are canvassed in this period that endured until the 2nd century AD. There are numerous types of pre-traditional Yoga, however, the vast majority of the underlying Yoga in this period was related to Vedic Yoga. Lessons of Vedas have been clarified in the Upanishads alongside three subjects- the last truth (Brahman), the supernatural self (atman), and the association between the two and thus the Yoga accompanied the Upanishads. Pre-traditional Yoga comprises of numerous systems of profound contemplations to outperform the body and mind and motivation associated with the perfect sources to find the genuine self.
Classical Yogaclassical yoga
It is believed that Yoga Sutra that has institutionalized the classical Yoga had been composed around the second century by Patanjali represents the origin of the traditional time of Yoga. The literal meaning of the word Sutra is the string and here it signifies string of memory in which Patanjali understudies hold the information and astuteness of Patanjali. Patanjali trusted that every individual is comprised of issue Prakriti and soul. These two can be separated and the spirit restores its pure form through Yoga.
Post-classical Yogapost classical yoga
This period of Yoga focuses on the present and is consisted of all the schools of Yoga that had come into existence post-Patanjali Yoga-sutra. Unlike classical Yoga, it intends to focus on the eventual unity of everything. An arrangement of practices was planned by Yoga trainers to rejuvenate the body. It prompted the formation of Hatha-Yoga that is a beginner adaptation of present-day Yoga.
Modern Yogamodern yoga
Present day Yoga is accepted regardless of the parliament held in Chicago in 1893. There, the youthful Swami Vivekananda established a long term connection on the American open. At the point pulled in the understudies of Yoga and Vedanta. After him, another prevalent Yoga instructor was Paramhansa Yogananda. Presently, Swami Ramdev of Patanjali Yoga Peeth has figured out how to spread Yoga in every single place of India and abroad too.
Our present Prime Minister has promoted the idea of celebrating World Yoga Day on 21st of June every year.



A very popular doctor of Horizon Health Network’s department of cardiology located in New Brunswick, Canada declared that 90-mg dose of the THC is inappropriate. Smoking a common joint would open an individual to only 7 mg of THC, while a beginning portion of a manufactured THC called dronabinol is just 2.5 mg. Individuals with AIDS or malignant growth will be in general utilize this variant, and it can likewise battle sickness and energize hunger.

marijuana -cannabis

Marijuana is quite useful in getting relief from pain and nausea and serves as a useful element for treating many illnesses of the patients. Similar to other medications, marijuana also has some complications and side effects.

If you consume a large amount of THC then it can make you feel anxiety and hallucinations. The strain caused by such effects resulted in the heart attack by experiencing a triggering response in the sympathetic nervous system. A rapid heart rate, an abnormally high blood pressure, and the release of the stress hormone catecholamine demonstrated the cardiac events. The chest pain experiencing by the man went away as soon as the Marijuana effects are worn off.marijuana co3

This is not the only medical case of Marijuana effect there are many other similar pieces of evidence which had been concluded from the medical reports that show a proper relationship between cannabis consumption and acute cardiovascular adverse events. The results of such effects may sometime lead to irregular heartbeat to stroke and it sometimes even result in sudden death.

Warning- After handling some certain cases, doctors have examined and come to a piece of conclusive advice especially for the old man using marijuana. They have advised everyone to limit the usage of Marijuana and to take the smallest dose. However, if there is someone suffering from cardiovascular disease or at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease they must find an alternative like Cannabidiol and stop consuming THC. They should even consider some of the factors like tolerance level and consumption. For example, if there is a person who is addicted to Marijuana for a long time experience more side effects rather than the person who is not so used to Marijuana.marijuana pic3

Similarly, if a person is correspondingly eating a THC implanted brownie or candy would open an individual to more THC than if they had utilized a vaporizer.  It is very hopeful that the scientists may go for further research related to more side effects of Marijuana. It is very important nowadays to spread awareness about the side effects of Marijuana. It can be done by educating people especially old people must be the target.



MEDICAL TREATMENTwhy foreigner patient looking for the medical treatment in India
India is a country which is getting developed very fast in all the sectors including Medical Sector. If we go back to the last 10years statistics of Medical Sector of India then we can easily conclude that this is the most developed sector of India. Though we are so developed now, having all the facilities available here still it happens that whenever an international patient comes here for any kind of treatment, they come up with many questions in their mind. Apart from it, we have many international patients who have given us positive feedback about the Indian Medical Tourism and have appreciated our country. To clarify the leftover doubts about medical facilities in India, I would like to add up the positive aspects of the Indian Medical Sector.
Most developed Technologies: We have numerous hospitals which are well equipped with the most developed technologies helping patients to get the least painful and the best treatment.
Cost Effective: The treatment of any illness is very less as compared to other countries.
Award-Winning Hospitals: There are many hospitals in India which have won International awards because of the complicated cases handled by them and for installing the latest technologies.
Highly Qualified Doctors: It’s not so easy to become a doctor in India. The parameters to become a specialized doctor one needs to crack exam and has to go through many competency levels. The doctors even go abroad to gain the specialization in their respective field.
Availability of Medical Visa: Nowadays, the Indian government has started issuing Medical Visas to the needy ones.hospita pics
There are many other points to prove that India should be the first priority of everyone to come for the Medical Tourism, like in most of the Indian hospitals we do not have to wait for a long time to get the benefits of the hospital. There are many reputed hospitals in India like Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Max Healthcare Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Medanta Hospital etc. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital of Delhi is the second hospital of the country where Liver Transplant was initiated and is on the top position in “Minimizing Medication Errors” and has proved itself as one of the best hospitals of Pediatrics and Neurology. Medanta Hospital of Delhi is one of the hospitals of India which is renowned for its specialty in Cardiac Surgery, Electrophysiology and Pacing, Clinical and Preventive Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology. International Fertility Clinic is a hospital which is clubbed with many facilities for the International patients as it provides Visa Assistance, Flight Booking facility, appropriate accommodation, and language interpreters so that the international patients won’t have to face any problem. The hospital is well known for its best diagnosis on the infertility case. Many International couples had visited this hospital with a hope to get blessed with a baby. They got the positive results and appreciated IVF for its facilities. Jose, a gentleman from Brazil visited Derma Clinic for Hair Transplant and was very thankful to the hospital for the treatment and the facilities got from Derma Clinic. He shared that he had consulted many hospitals in Brazil for the same treatment and there the hospitals were asking him for a huge amount which was much more than the charge taken by Derma Clinic. Maria from Italy recently visited Columbia Asia Hospital for the treatment of Breast Cancer and shared her experience of treatment at the hospital. She was very much satisfied as she said that for the same treatment she had visited many countries like America, Brazil and so on but they all charging her the amount which was around 8 times the amount which she had to pay at Columbus Asia Hospital and even she was not offered with the same facilities which were offered to her in India.PATIENT
There are many other cases like these which prove that India is now giving a tough competition to the well-developed countries and setting a benchmark in the field of Medical Tourism for other countries. Indian Medical facility is a kind of boon for the patients because of the above-mentioned reasons. The success stories of the treatment of many celebrities of India as well as of foreign countries show that India is a country which one should definitely opt for Medical Tourism.

Cure a common cold instantly at home by simple Indian home remedies


common cold 1
With the onset of the winter month, we will again be witnessing the problems related to a common cold. Sometimes we are unable to judge that it is the common cold or chronic disease. The most common mistake we all do in the early stage of the common cold is without consulting the doctor or pharmacist we take any OT medicine and if that doesn’t show its therapeutic effect we blame the medicine or sometimes pharmacy shop also.

Reason – the main cause of common cold is a virus in this condition body becomes phosphorus deficient.

The stuffy and chocked nose doesn’t allow us to sit even properly .sneezing , scratchy throat disturbs you a lot and what if this situation persists at night or hospital is so far?

Then what to do?

No need to worry now , we have a solution .we as a medical treatment in India feeling proud in introducing the home remedies .most probably you have heard earlier before also but how to ? and when or when not? This is a major concern.

So let’s start……

  1. Ginger ( adrak)
  2. Turmeric ( Haldi)
  3. Raisins ( kishmish)
  4. 4.cinnamon  ( cinnamon )
  5. Complimentary or other substitutes – to increase its Effect

*Black pepper ( kali mirch)

*Basil ( Tulsi )

Now the technique…….

1.Take out the juice of Ginger and mix the honey in it.

The>mixture should be of 1 tablespoon.

Dose – Thrice a day – morning in the Empty stomach, the afternoon after turmericmeal and 3rd after dinner or before one hour of sleep.

2.Take out the ginger juice and mix basil juice and consume.

The mixture should be of 1 tablespoon.

Dose – thrice a day – morning in the ground-turmeric-and-whole-turmeric-roots-16X9Empty stomach, the afternoon after meal and 3rd after dinner or before one hour of sleep.


3.Most ancient remedy and commonly used is 1 glass of milk and ½ of turmeric in milk and boil it and consume it at night before sleep. If Milk is not available can be taken with water also.

This remedy is so useful for tonsillitis also. If you are suffering from a long period or seems chronic. in this condition, you have to take turmeric directly.

kali mirch 1


4.Take ½ of the teaspoon and try to swallow directly and do not have to take water until 1 hour. Do this once a day for 3 days Remedy will work for a lifetime.



5.If there is blockage of the neck because of a cough then – take 1 glass of milk and ½ of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of clarified butter (ghee) have to take warm like Tea. Consume it at night after dinner before 1 hour from sleep.

You can consume 1 cap of brandy with 1 tablespoon of honey if available at home.


Reasons for Early Hair Loss


Most men’s are facing hair loss as they get older, but for some, it starts early as their 20’s or 30’s. In some we can easily see the white hair on teenagers, yes we do agree that today’s lifestyle is also responsible but few facts are also negligible which we should always keep in our mind or those can be responsible for the hair growth also.hair loss1.Genetic disorder

If there was any of your member of the parental family suffered from this.It can directly attract you also. In this condition, your hair can be thicker or whiten. even genetic hormones are only responsible for the hair color, hair texture, and hair length as well.genetic disorder

2. Hypothyroidism

we will not be wrong if we say that thyroid may affect your hair loss because of it slowdowns the process of growth hormone, for better growth of hair we can go for some thyroid tests also.Hypothyroidism final


If you are suffering from depression then please cure or get the proper treatment to get out of that so as to get relief from hair loss .people having follicles sensitive to circulating levels, the maximum amount of testosterone can also impact the growth. stress can be in any form either mentally or physically.In the early stage or teenage the hair starts balding or whiten itself but early diagnosis can heal it.stress


Loss of Iron inside the body the condition is known as anemia. due to anemia the deficiency of RBCs ( red blood cells). these RBCs provide oxygen to the other organs of the body. so when the hair follicles or hair roots are in need of oxygen these are unable to transfer the oxygen to the hair start losing.anemia

5.An excess amount of vitamin A

yes, it is true also, sometimes the vitamin a may also be responsible for the hair loss. It requires 5000 IU of vitamin A per day by a human body. so if this level of consumption of vitamin A exceeds then it is time to worry but if the level of vitamin A is maintained then it stopped getting hair loss.vitamin a

Can height be increased after after 18 or 24



It is not said still yet that height is stopped growing after the 18 but yeah after 21 in boys and 17 in girls .there are minimum chances to increase height. It totally relies on our physiological change inside the body.height

You probably had heard somewhere or read that height won’t increase after the 18 but it is not 100% true actually it is totally based on the fusion of bones or joints or you can say on growth pate also. so If you are short at 18 so we must suggest you visit Endocrinologist or orthopedic surgeon at once so that may help in getting your proper height. but we advise you also after 21 or 24 don’t take any growth hormone pill , growth therapy or injection those will not worth that can ruin your mind, money & as well. few people claim also that stretching exercise can grow some inches see exceptions are always there but miracles happen only in heaven. 


The reason why height is stopped growing?


  1. Genetic Disorderheight
  2. Improper nutrition ,lack of calcium zinc & potassium etc.
  3. Minimum physiological activity
  4. 4.some kind of hormonal imbalance. (like long treatment before)5
  5. affected production of collagen.
  6. Rheumatologic disease.
  7. chronic kidney disease.
  8. Immunologic and metabolic disease.9
  9. .Hypothyroidism.10
  10. Growth hormone deficiency.11
  11. sexual precocity.12
  12. skeletal dyspepsia’s.

         Scientific facts

mechanism of heightIn boys after 14 the sex hormone started its production and in girls estrogen as well so as these sex hormones increases the growth plate which is inside the mid of the joints of knee and other joint’s of the body starts getting collapsed .when these fully collapsed that stage is known as fusion of joints means there would be minimum chances to increase the height but above all and after reading this you are consuming the growth hormone pill or growth hormone injection that’s not worth.

In some way growth hormone increasing techniques may work somewhere but after fusion that’s not worth because that technique may make your bone thick, not taller.


Chances before 18 or 21 –

* should consult to Endocrinologist or orthopedic surgeon as early as possible.xray height

* hormone test.

* X-ray of knee or joints.

* CT scan of a head if needed






Do not ignore ,If you are facing these symptoms can be cardiac arrest or heart arrest.


1.Blood Pressure

Few days before the sudden rise in blood pressure and and keep rising in continuity.blood pressure blood pressure is responsible for the making the coronary artery thick and thin which is responsible for the heart attack. blood pressure creates the stage of Hypo-tension and Hypertension. Both stages can cause the cardiac arrest and heart attack..

2.pain in upper body & chest pain

Sudden pain down the chest bone, or pain in the mid of the nipples,chest pain please don’t assume as a gastric pain and different fluctuation or irritation inside the chest, this chest pain can rise as up to days or months. but in the case of women, women can feel the pain in the left shoulder or left leg.

3.Swelling in legs and stomach

few days before the heart attack you can feel the swelling in legs and stomach,swollen legs sometimes in the chest also. whenever u feel like this happening with your body. sometimes this swelling can be for a while or can be last long so if you feel so please have an X-ray and ECG. so that can be diagnosed earlier.

4.Problem in breathing


It is the stage before a few hours ago, like  3-4 hour before the heart attack but if you feel consistent like since a few days then the condition can be critical and needs early diagnosis. so the safety precautions can be taken Earlier.

5.Stress, bad daily routinestress

If a person is depressed or in any tension then it is said to avoid that .daily routine like improper sleep, loss of physical activity cholesterol level .becouse these factors may also cause the coronary artery blockage or improper functioning of valves.daily routine




How Does swimming helps in weight loss


weight loss

swimming is considered as one of the best activity to burn fat.

pop in oxygen and it reaches to all corners of the body and inswimmingcrease the rate at which calories are burnt.

swimming lowers the stress level also after doing the good swimming workout.


             Reason for Belly Fat


Everybody requires specific calories per day so if exceed than body will get extra fat on the stomach.

1.Stomach increases cortisol level which is also responsible for belly fat.

2.Consumption of food high in sugar – fructose can cause abdominal obesity.swimm time

3.Low protein diet may also responsible for the belly fat.

4.Sleep disorder may also leads to weight gain.

5.It is also found that having unhealthy balance of gut bacteria may promote         body gain

How long to swim to burn fat

Keep the swimming 20- 45 mins to burn the belly fat and if you do swimming for 1 minute you will burn 0.3 calorie per minute..

swimming also strengthen the heart and enables it pump the blood.