Cure a common cold instantly at home by simple Indian home remedies


common cold 1
With the onset of the winter month, we will again be witnessing the problems related to a common cold. Sometimes we are unable to judge that it is the common cold or chronic disease. The most common mistake we all do in the early stage of the common cold is without consulting the doctor or pharmacist we take any OT medicine and if that doesn’t show its therapeutic effect we blame the medicine or sometimes pharmacy shop also.

Reason – the main cause of common cold is a virus in this condition body becomes phosphorus deficient.

The stuffy and chocked nose doesn’t allow us to sit even properly .sneezing , scratchy throat disturbs you a lot and what if this situation persists at night or hospital is so far?

Then what to do?

No need to worry now , we have a solution .we as a medical treatment in India feeling proud in introducing the home remedies .most probably you have heard earlier before also but how to ? and when or when not? This is a major concern.

So let’s start……

  1. Ginger ( adrak)
  2. Turmeric ( Haldi)
  3. Raisins ( kishmish)
  4. 4.cinnamon  ( cinnamon )
  5. Complimentary or other substitutes – to increase its Effect

*Black pepper ( kali mirch)

*Basil ( Tulsi )

Now the technique…….

1.Take out the juice of Ginger and mix the honey in it.

The>mixture should be of 1 tablespoon.

Dose – Thrice a day – morning in the Empty stomach, the afternoon after turmericmeal and 3rd after dinner or before one hour of sleep.

2.Take out the ginger juice and mix basil juice and consume.

The mixture should be of 1 tablespoon.

Dose – thrice a day – morning in the ground-turmeric-and-whole-turmeric-roots-16X9Empty stomach, the afternoon after meal and 3rd after dinner or before one hour of sleep.


3.Most ancient remedy and commonly used is 1 glass of milk and ½ of turmeric in milk and boil it and consume it at night before sleep. If Milk is not available can be taken with water also.

This remedy is so useful for tonsillitis also. If you are suffering from a long period or seems chronic. in this condition, you have to take turmeric directly.

kali mirch 1


4.Take ½ of the teaspoon and try to swallow directly and do not have to take water until 1 hour. Do this once a day for 3 days Remedy will work for a lifetime.



5.If there is blockage of the neck because of a cough then – take 1 glass of milk and ½ of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of clarified butter (ghee) have to take warm like Tea. Consume it at night after dinner before 1 hour from sleep.

You can consume 1 cap of brandy with 1 tablespoon of honey if available at home.