Reasons for Early Hair Loss


Most men’s are facing hair loss as they get older, but for some, it starts early as their 20’s or 30’s. In some we can easily see the white hair on teenagers, yes we do agree that today’s lifestyle is also responsible but few facts are also negligible which we should always keep in our mind or those can be responsible for the hair growth loss1.Genetic disorder

If there was any of your member of the parental family suffered from this.It can directly attract you also. In this condition, your hair can be thicker or whiten. even genetic hormones are only responsible for the hair color, hair texture, and hair length as well.genetic disorder

2. Hypothyroidism

we will not be wrong if we say that thyroid may affect your hair loss because of it slowdowns the process of growth hormone, for better growth of hair we can go for some thyroid tests also.Hypothyroidism final


If you are suffering from depression then please cure or get the proper treatment to get out of that so as to get relief from hair loss .people having follicles sensitive to circulating levels, the maximum amount of testosterone can also impact the growth. stress can be in any form either mentally or physically.In the early stage or teenage the hair starts balding or whiten itself but early diagnosis can heal it.stress


Loss of Iron inside the body the condition is known as anemia. due to anemia the deficiency of RBCs ( red blood cells). these RBCs provide oxygen to the other organs of the body. so when the hair follicles or hair roots are in need of oxygen these are unable to transfer the oxygen to the hair start losing.anemia

5.An excess amount of vitamin A

yes, it is true also, sometimes the vitamin a may also be responsible for the hair loss. It requires 5000 IU of vitamin A per day by a human body. so if this level of consumption of vitamin A exceeds then it is time to worry but if the level of vitamin A is maintained then it stopped getting hair loss.vitamin a


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