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Foods can cause the kidney Damage


As we all know that kidney plays an important role  in proper function and metabolism of body .kidney also helps in passing the waste ( excretion) as urine, also filters the blood before sending back to the hearts chamber .

kidney waste from the food ,toxic substance & medications. Kidney filters  approx 200 quarts of fluid per 24 hours.


Excessive amount of alcohol also leads to the kidney failure .alcohol increase the blood pressure & slow down the mechanism of kidney . Two glass of drinks can cause your kidney damage .alcoholDehydration is the major problem which is caused by the Kidney and not good for the kidney also.


caffeine raises the calcium level our kidney in results ,higher the risk of kidney stone .

Researches have shown the 3-4 cups of the cup of coffee a day may leads to kidney damage .caffeine increases the blood pressure as well, coffeepatients of blood pressure should avoid the excessive consumption of caffeine.


red meat also effects the kidney ,red meats like beef ,lamb, pork because these are high in protein extra amount of protein sometime become non filterable .meatso keep remain in kidney and further cause kidney damage.


dietary supplements are known as healthy supplements but in case of kidney also can be harmful if taken on a excessive level because they are also high in protein  every individual has specific strength or tendency to absorb the protein in body.dairy products If higher the number or amount of protein may be dangerous for kidney also.


Pain killers like paracetamol,opioids,NSAIDS these are certain painkillers which are told to avoid  and can be dangerous for the kidney also because these NSAIDS ( non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) slow down the blood flow to the kidneyantibiotics. Narcotics are also not given to the kidney patient because of its addictive effect.


Travel Insurance for Pre Existing Medical Conditions


Unexpected, negative events happen to people whether they are at home or not which is why many companies now offer types of travel insurance for things like Canceled services, missed flights or medical expenses incurred while they are on vacation. There is more than one type of travel insurance such as policies for general trips, ones for more dangerous activities such as snowboarding and skiing and even these have differing policy coverage. If medical coverage is something that is important to you as a traveller there are some important things to consider before buying travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.

The company you choose to insure you may not have coverage for pre-existing conditions. Travel insurance policies in general have taken a reputation beating because of other companies that are not so reputable. Policy language can be confusing and customers can easily overlook clauses in a contract that state persons with pre-existing conditions are not covered under the policy terms. Items like heart conditions, bone dysphasia’s, diabetes and other medical issues that were present before signing the policy can bar some customers from obtaining medical coverage at all while away on holiday. The best strategy customers have is to read any policy that has been offered or that they have applied for to be sure they will be covered despite a pre-existing condition. If they aren’t they should shop around for a company that will insure them.

Many companies automatically exclude persons with pre-existing conditions from obtaining medical coverage however, there are some companies that will allow it. There are usually many rules and requirements associated with a company extending coverage to a person with a pre-existing condition. For example, a person must be medically stable as evidenced by some proof from a doctor and having their trip prepaid in order to waive the pre-existing condition exclusion. Companies take on more risk when someone who is more prone to needing medical care leaves on vacation insured by them.

Consumers can still get coverage on the same policy if they are traveling with someone that has the medical condition. Many companies such as http://medicaltreatmentinindia.org provide coverage for two or more people and separate language in the policy for the member of a group that has a medical condition. For example if a married couple purchases insurance and one of them has a pre-existing medical condition, the other spouse will not be excluded from coverage based on the other person’s condition.

Some companies act as intermediaries between consumers and insurers. This has benefits and drawbacks such as being able to compare travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions or lack of dealing with a company directly. Insurers like the one mentioned above often are partnered with several other actual insurance providers that pay out claims and write policies. The benefit here is that you are actually talking to many companies all at once because the intermediary will find the best price possible based upon your circumstances. The only trouble is that information can sometimes be hard to obtain or non-existent on the intermediaries’ site or through their customer service lines. One particular company may not be offering cheap travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions when another that the intermediary is dealing with does.

Most insurers operate based on the honor system rather than denying people outright. When you go to fill out a policy application or sign a contract, there will usually be questions related to your health and pre-existing conditions. You may know very well that you have a condition and fear that you won’t be covered if you tell the truth about it. This will get you past the first stages however, it is when you go to make a claim that insurance companies really start doing their homework. It is very unwise to lie to an insurance company as they can check health records, medical bills, and a variety of other sources to determine if you are telling the truth. If you have been found to lie you will not only lose any type of coverage you may have had, you could also face criminal insurance fraud charges.

When it comes down to it, obtaining travel insurance for persons with pre-existing conditions can be incredibly difficult if not expensive. There are some companies that will do it if individuals comply with a few rules however, it is important to never lie about your condition. Reading your policy can go a long way to helping you in the future. Many companies offer insurance to travelers who may already be planning a trip and these offers may or may not be reputable. Insurers sometimes offer a grace period before signing any contract which you should take full advantage of by reading and understanding what it is exactly you are being provided coverage for. Another way to find a reputable company is by checking out A.M. Best’s list of rated underwriters to see if the company you plan on purchasing insurance from is rated. These can act like travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions reviews allowing consumers to see if companies have good or poor ratings or none at all. If you can’t find travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, it may be best not to purchase any policy at all.

The Dangers of Water Parks


Dangers of Water Parks
If you have a family with young children this summer, you might be thinking about taking an extended weekend and heading to your local water park as a mini-vacation during the hot weather while everyone is out of school. Water parks are a lot of fun for both kids and adults, but the truth about them is that there are a number of dangers you need to be aware of before you send your children running into the water. If you take the proper precautions, going to the water park can be a lot of fun and it can be a great way for your kids to burn off some energy while having a blast and making some wonderful memories. But before you pack up your bags, keep these dangers in mind.

Slippery walkways. You may be thinking, “Of course the walkways will be slippery… It’s a water park.” but many people don’t fully realize what that means. Kids love to run everywhere they go when they are excited, and an excited kid is not going to pay attention to the signs warning about slippery sidewalks and pathways. A slip and fall can cause serious injury, especially to a young person. One of the best things you can do is to make sure your children have the appropriate footwear. It may not completely prevent the possibility of slipping on a water-saturated surface, but it will help protect their feet and it will be a deterrent to slipping.

Sun exposure. When you and your kids are covered in water, you’re at a greater risk of sun exposure. The water enhances the rays of the sun and makes them more dangerous for your skin. Applying a waterproof sunscreen is one of your best options. But don’t think that applying it one time is going to be enough. Sunscreens will wear off, even the waterproof ones, so make sure you apply sunscreen every couple of hours. You’ll get the maximum protection and you’ll avoid the painful sunburns the next day.

Dehydration. Dehydration is not something people think about when they are at a water park. Water is everywhere, so how can you get dehydrated? Well, you may be covered in and surrounded by water, but that doesn’t mean you’re consuming enough water to keep you well hydrated for an active day in the sun. Kids especially need to keep hydrated when they are active. And playing in the water only aids in dehydration. When your kids come running back to you with wrinkly fingers, it means that through osmosis, water is leaving your children’s bodies, making them more susceptible to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Make sure you have plenty of drinks on hand. Water is a good one to have, but also have some other drinks as well, like sports drinks, that have electrolytes and calories that will help fuel your children as they run around and play in the water. You won’t regret being more safe than necessary in order to prevent something bad from happening.

Yoga Poses for Diabetes

Yoga collage. young woman doing yoga exercises

As we usher into the world of technology and leisure, the diseases that were found to attack less number of people, have now become an everyday scenario. Just like other modern day disease, even diabetes comes under the category of potential epidemic disorder. Reports from US National library of medicine suggest that 31.7 million people had diabetes in India in the year 2000, which topped the ranking. The disease occurs when the insulin level in the body is not read by the blood cells. There are multiple contributing factors to the issue and more and more people are being affected by the disorder. Apart from changing one’s life lifestyle, it is important to add some yoga poses to the patient’s routine, for a quicker control.

Here are some poses that will help the patient in combating the disorder wisely:

01. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or Bridge Pose
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or Bridge Pose
A pose offering multiple benefits, it works in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body and helps in circulation of the blood as well. Stretching the spine, abdominal muscles and improving pancreatic cell production are some of the other benefits of the pose.

02. Balasana or Child Pose
Balasana or Child Pose
A back opener pose, it is known for its therapeutic qualities. People with diabetes can perform this pose as and when they like, as it is highly beneficial in their condition. It busts stress, fatigue, and stretches hips, thighs and ankles along with producing a calming effect on the body.

03. Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand
Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand
An inverted pose, it activates the thyroid gland, which is used in functioning of the entire body from nervous system to digestive functioning to reproductive organs. A perfect pose for both advance and intermediate, beginners can perform the variation called legs up the wall.

04. Halasana or Plough Pose
Sporty woman practices yoga asana Halasana
When the shoulder stand deepens further into a back bend, plough pose occurs. Again activating the thyroid & parathyroid glands, the pose also increases the circulation of the blood in upper body.  This increase of blood in the upper body works as a stress reliever and calms the mind in no time.

05. Dhanurasana or Bow Pose
Dhanurasana or Bow Pose
A prone pose, the entire body weight rests in the abdominal region while the back stretches deeply, and the legs are raised higher as well. This massages the liver, intestines, and pancreas and enhances the wellness of reproductive system along with creating a sense of balance in the body.

06. Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend
Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend
The seated pose requires high flexibility so that the pose can be performed fully. With time when the practitioner is able to rest his head on the knee, a complete stretch comes through which enables the pancreatic function to stimulate thereby resulting in better production of insulin.

07. Vajrasana or Thunder Bolt Pose
Vajrasana or Thunder Bolt Pose
A simple seated pose, Vajrasana can be performed anytime the practitioner wants, i.e. even after finishing a meal it can be practiced. The pose is known to activate the abdomen area, thighs, calves and helps in increasing the digestive functions. Also, it stimulates all the 72,000 nadis in the body and hence one of the most beneficial pose.

08. Ardha Matsyendrasana or Half Lord of Fishes Pose
Ardha Matsyendrasana or Half Lord of Fishes Pose
A spinal twist, pressing and massaging the stomach, the pose yet again stimulates the organs in the abdomen. From kidney to liver and pancreas, all of the organs are benefited from the production of the pose, thereby giving rise to a healthy body, which is free of diabetes.

09. Meditation
Lastly and more importantly, meditation is known to answer all worries and issues unlike any other medicine available. With a regular meditation and visualization work, one can hope to combat any situation in life. Because a peaceful mind will offer a stress free life, which will lead to control in diabetes as stress is the biggest contributor in diabetes.

Yoga is a miraculous science and opens gateways to new avenues where good health is a norm and not a dream we sought after.

Sugar Cravings Causes


Sugar Cravings Causes: Know What Causes Irresistible Urge to Eat Sinful Sweets

In this post, we will talk about the main causes of sugar cravings.

Sugar cravings have bothered all of us at some time or the other.

Sugar is one of the simplest pleasures we can treat ourselves to. Recent researches have proved that sugar helps release endorphins or happiness causing and pain relieving hormones in the body.

Excessive sugar intake is bad for the body, and can cause us serious health problems.

Read this to know why you need to curb your sugar cravings/ cut down on sugar intake.

Inspite of it, there comes a time when we realize that we are giving in to the cravings too frequently and that we need to cut down on sugar intake, for health reasons or otherwise. More so because it has now been proved that sugar cravings are in many ways similar to cravings for other addictive chemicals like drugs and alcohol.

Read our next post in this category to know if you are addicted to sugar.

Craving for sugar

Craving for sugar
Craving for sugar[Image Source]
I have a major sweet tooth myself and I talked to my endocrinologist to know about the possible causes of my sugar cravings.

The Main Causes of Sugar Cravings

Here are the various sugar cravings causes, as explained by him to me:

Low adrenal function:

Our body contains many endocrine glands which secrete hormones. One of these is the pair of adrenal glands located above the kidneys on either side of the body. The main functions of adrenal glands include:

Secreting epinephrine/ adrenaline which is the hormone that helps the body deal with stressful situations by releasing instant energy.

Secreting cortisone when there is an inflammation in the body

Producing the female hormones estrogen and progesterone in women as they approach their menopausal age. The production of these hormones which was earlier being looked after by the ovaries is taken over by the adrenal glands. In most women, this transition takes place without any hitch IF the system is functioning properly.

The proper functioning of adrenal glands is essential to regulate the metabolism of sugar in our body. Any disturbance in their functioning can cause sugar cravings.

What, then, are the factors that can cause a disturbance in adrenal function?

Increased production of adrenaline:

This is the MOST important factor that can interfere with the normal functioning of our adrenal glands.

Whenever we face a stressful situation, our adrenal glands secrete adrenaline to equip our body to deal with the situation. The problem is that the glands do not know the difference between the stress before an exam, the stress of putting up with a short tempered spouse, the stress of having to meet deadlines and the stress of reaching office on time.

Unable to differentiate between the different types of stress, these glands simply start secreting more of adrenaline whenever they get a STRESSED-OUT signal.

Food allergies:

Food allergies
Food allergies [Image Source]
Inflammation in the body is usually the result of injuries or diseases/infections. A lesser known fact is that inflammation might be caused by food allergies as well. If the allergy has been caused by a food we eat frequently (like wheat, dairy, etc.), the body might have a constant low grade inflammation at all times. In such circumstances, the body will have to increase its production of cortisone to keep the inflammation under control. Such food allergies can become major triggers for sugar cravings.

Advancing age:

Advancing age
Advancing age [Image Source]
As the progesterone and estrogen producing functions of the ovaries are taken up by the adrenal glands in the pre-menopausal stage, adrenal function slows down further. If you have a low grade allergy to a particular food (which, in most cases, you will not even realize because your body handles it so efficiently) and facing a stressful situation, the energy reserves of your body get depleted. When this happens, the body craves for sugar to get instant energy to be able to perform its day to day functions efficiently. This explains sugar cravings in most of us.

Hormonal imbalances:

The sugar cravings become more intense among females in their late thirties and early forties ( as they are approaching menopause) because the depleted energy reserves of the body (due to everyday stress and food allergies) fall down even further as the adrenal glands are required to produce adequate amounts of estrogen and progesterone. The extremely low level of endorphins in the body immediately before the monthly period or their menopause is one of the main causes of sugar cravings among women.

Sweets- I just can’t seem to have enough of them!

We will tell you how to curb sugar cravings in our next post, now that you know about sugar cravings causes.

Are Your Shoes Causing You Back Pain- Tips to Pick Up the Best Shoes for Back Pain


Today, we will help you pick up the best shoes for back pain.

Suffering from back ache, and can’t really make out what is causing it?

The culprit could be the shoes you are wearing!

You might not even have realized that wrong choice of shoes can cause you back ache. Choosing the inappropriate shoes for your activities or wearing shoes that do not fit you properly can play havoc with your spinal health and cause you more discomfort than you’d probably thought.

Back Pain
Back Pain [Image Source]
Most fashion conscious women would not mind enduring some discomfort for wearing those sexy stilettos to a party or to a dinner date. What they probably do not realize is that they could be causing long term damage to their spine by doing so.

Read on to choose the best shoes for back pain

High heels and back pain: the correlation

Your heel is the first part of your body to hit the ground when you stand or walk. After the heel makes that impact with the ground, the weight gets transferred to the rest of the foot gradually. Your feet, ultimately, bear the weight of your entire body as you stand or walk.

And how your weight is distributed over your feet when you stand or walk will be determined by your choice of shoes.

If you are wearing comfortable shoes, your body weight will be evenly distributed over your feet, thereby avoiding any undue stress over the muscles of your feet as well as your spine.

If, on the contrary, you are wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes, the weight of the body will not be over your heels but on your toes. This, precisely, is the reason you get pain in your toes whenever you wear shoes that are too narrow or pointed and do not give your toes enough space. That causes cramped toes at the end of the evening, with you wanting to kick out your sexy shoes the moment you reach back home.

High heels cause the body weight to shift forward, putting more pressure on the toes and also causing the back to get slightly arched, without you even realizing it. As a result, you will get a back ache and sore feet in some time.

Blaming your shoes for back pain already? Wait- there’s more you need to know!

Now, while that does not sound too good, especially for those who suffer from back pain, that should be no reason to throw out all high heels altogether? All you need to do is be careful while picking up your shoes and heels. Pick up the RIGHT shoes to help back pain.

Some high heels can be comfortable too, if they support your heel properly and help distribute your body weight over the entire foot evenly. On the contrary, flat shoes can also cause back ache or discomfort if they are not fitting you properly.

Choose your shoes carefully, and avoid high heels. Do not wear them too often.

If you already suffer from a severe back ache, you would d best to talk to a specialist who can help you pick up just the right orthotic shoes for you.

Specially designed footwear which helps support the muscles and joints of the feet properly can provide relief to those cramped toes and hurting back.

Tips for Buying the Best Shoes for Back Pain:

Pick up the best shoes for lower back pain by following the simple tips laid down below:

Best Shoes for Back Pain
Best Shoes for Back Pain [Image Source]
Your feet change in size throughout the day & are biggest at the end of the day. As far as possible, go shopping shoes late in the evenings to avoid buying shoes which might seem like a size-too-small when you want to put them on next time.

Avoid buying shoes and other footwear online, because you will never know how comfortable a pair of shoes is till you actually try walking in them for a few steps at least.

Don’t pick up a pair which does not fit you too well thinking that they will fit better as time goes by. Learn to walk away from ill fitting shoes than trying to walk in them.

My personal experience says that shoes which give you some extra space in front of the big toe are most comfortable. While it is important to have enough space, make sure that the shoes are not too loose. In that case, you will not be able to walk comfortably.

Never buy shoes in a hurry. Try both shoes on, and make sure you can move comfortably in them. A good pair of shoes must allow your feet enough stability.

Avoid wearing flip-flops. Though they are so easy to put on and take off, they put excessive pressure on the toes since they are open at the back. As your toes work overtime to maintain a grip on your flip flops, the balance of your entire body gets disturbed. Your hips become misaligned and tired, as do the muscles of the back and legs. Not only that, they provide little or no cushion to the heels and your feet feel tired too.

Throw away your back pain shoes and pick up the right pair that fits you well.

We hope the simple dos and don’ts listed above will help you choose the best shoes for back pain.

12 Best Foods for Hydrating Your Body in summers

Mixed green salads
Mixed green salads

Staying well hydrated is essential for us. More so in summers when we lose more water due to high temperature of the surroundings and sweating.

Though there is no decree on the minimum or maximum amount of water we need to drink for the body to function properly, we must ensure that our bodies are well hydrated all the time.

Our body needs water!

Now, this hydration or the water required by the body need not come ONLY from water or the fluids we consume. We can also hydrate our bodies through the foods we eat.

Here is the list of top 12 foods that can help you keep your bodies well hydrated even in summers:


Watermelons: The best food for hydrating our bodies [Image source]
With 92% water content, watermelon tops the list as THE BEST hydrating food. Not just water; it is loaded with Vitamin A (which is essential for good eye health and a wonderful antioxidant), Vitamin C (which improves your immunity, helps in healing of wounds and is vital for healthy gums and teeth) and Vitamin B6 (which controls nerve cells and helps produce energy needed for metabolism).


Cucumbers: 96% water! [Image Source]
Low in calories, low in fats and 96% water. While the high water content helps keep the body hydrated and regulates your body temperature, the high mineral content makes them the best food for your skin. It helps keep blood pressure under check, has cancer fighting properties and is great for digestion. Could you ask for more?


Eggplants: Full of water, low in calories [Image Source]
Brinjals or eggplants are rich sources of water and very high in fiber inspite of being low in calories. This makes them ideal not only for hydrating the body but also for those who need to watch their weight. All such people need to do is avoid recipes which involve frying, because eggplant can absorb a lot of oil due to its spongy texture.

Mixed green salads

Mixed green salads
Mixed green salads [Image Source]
Green salads full of romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, other raw veggies and fruits with a dash of olive oil can not only provide you lots of hydration but also Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, iron, calcium, folic acid and fiber! So, if you want to throw away your multivitamin pills, just stick to a bowl of green salads at least once a day!


Zucchini: Almost 95% water! [Image Source]
With a water content of more than 95%, zucchini is a perfect food for hydrating the body besides being one of the best choices for weight loss (because of its low calorie content). Rich in Vitamins A, B6 and C, folate, potassium and manganese, it provides protection against colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, scurvy, asthma and cardiovascular disease.


Celery: The ‘Negative Calorie Food’ [Image Source]
Crunchy-munchy celery sticks which contain 96% water are again great foods for restoring the fluid balance of the body besides helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and fight certain cancers. Though often called “The Negative Calorie Food“, they certainly are not devoid of calories altogether. When it comes to hydrating, they are twice as effective as a glass of water!


Apples- Keep the doctor away! [Image Source]
This super food is a wonderful anti-oxidant, helps lower the level of blood cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and even some types of cancers besides providing hydration to the body. That’s how it helps you keep the doctor away!

Bell peppers

Bell peppers
Bell peppers- add a dash of color! [Image Source]
Colorful and attractive bell peppers contain 92% water making them ideal foods for hydrating the body in summers. Apart from water, they contain generous amounts of Vitamins B6 and C, thiamine, beta carotene and folic acid, aiming them a store house of vital nutrients.


Crisp and crunchy carrots [Image Source]
Carrots, with a water content of 87%, are great foods for providing hydration to the body besides being powerful anti-oxidants and rich sources of Vitamins B1, B2, B6, K, dietary fiber, biotin, thiamine and potassium. They help fight cancers, improve vision, prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke.


Broccoli: The ‘Health Food of the Century’ [Image Source]
Called the “Health food of the century”, raw broccoli contains 91% water. In addition to that, it is a goldmine of nutrients- being rich I, Vitamin C, fiber, calcium and calories. It helps maintain a healthy nervous system; repair damage caused by the sun and fortifies the defense mechanism of the body.


Pineapples- The vibrant tropical flavor [Image Source]
Juicy, sweet and delicious pineapples have numerous other health benefits for the body besides being excellent sources of water. Brimming with vitamins (A and C) and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and potassium, they promote good health, help fight coughs and colds, strengthen bones and improve digestion.


Yogurt: Laden with ‘good’ bacteria [Image Source]
In a state of dehydration, our body needs to restore the lost electrolytes in addition to the water content. Yogurt, with its high sodium and potassium content, helps to do that and revitalizes the body.

Conclusion: Not only are most of the fruits and vegetables listed above great hydrating foods, they are also extremely effective fat burners. So, you could be shedding some of those extra pounds hanging on to you while your body gets hydrated.

Medical Treatments in India



The healthcare sector of India is now quite popular in the global arena as many patients from abroad visit India for medical treatment. Thus medical tourism industry is one of the booming industries right now. The positive feedback shared by the foreigners who have received treatment in India has led to the growing popularity of medical treatments in India. Even the country’s national healthcare policy supports and encourages such medical travel to give the country an improved economic status. To learn more about medical treatments in India, read on-

Benefits of Medical Treatments in India

There are several reasons as to why foreigners seek for medical treatments in India. The top ones are listed below-

  1. The cost of medical treatment in India is almost 1/10th of what it is in countries like UK, USA etc. Thus, people come here from overseas to get affordable treatment
  2. Doctors here are well trained, experienced and qualified enough to offer flawless services which are pocket-friendly at the same time. Doctors here are multi-lingual too. Thus, communicating with foreign patients isn’t a challenge for them
  3. There are highly advanced healthcare infrastructure with state-of-art medical equipments especially in the private hospitals of the country
  4. Personalized special healthcare available on demand
  5. Cordial and good-natured staffs at hospitals offer the necessary healing support
  6. Treatment available at zero waiting period
  7. Highly affordable fee for consultation when compared to the foreign countries
  8. India can be a great option to avail the treatment-cum-leisure facility as there are many wonderful tourist places in the country where patients can enjoy a post-operative, recuperative vacation
  9. In India patients can get access to the alternative healing stream of medicine plus the ancient Ayurvedic healing stream through services like meditation, naturopathy, homeopathy, pranic healing, aroma therapy, reiki, yoga which is indeed an added advantage for the foreign healthcare treatment seekers

How to Approach

There are many service providers who arrange medical tourism in India for the foreign patients. One can get in touch with these service providers or visit their website to enquire about costs, treatment options, packages, hospitals for getting treated, These service providers generally offer interested foreign patients with unbiased consultation on things like accommodation during treatment, getting doctor’s appointment pre and post operative meet-ups with doctors, trips to be undertaken in the country and many more. Medical visa too is arranged by these service providers once the patient chooses a treatment package through their platform

The Top Treatments and Packages Available

Some of the most popular treatment facilities availed by foreign tourists in India include-

  • Ophthalmology treatment
  • Dental care treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery treatment
  • Orthopedic treatment
  • Multi-organ transplant treatment
  • IVF and other infertility treatment
  • Spine and neurosurgery treatment
  • ENT Treatment
  • Cardiology treatment
  • Bariatric surgery treatment
  • Urology treatment
  • Gastroenterology treatment
  • Surrogacy treatment option

Medical Tourism in India


Medical tourism in India is a famous talk of the entire country and is also on a steep rise. As medical treatments across the western and developed nations have increasingly become very expensive, tourists and travellers from all around the globe are now focusing on India as their prime health location and destination.

This is also due to the fact that India boasts of providing cheap and effective healthcare and nursing services, much to the delight of the international tourists and show the way to the betterment and improvement of the battered and diseased belonging to foreign countries. The tourists and travellers visiting India for medical purposes have some pros with respect to the quality, price and effectivity of the medical amenities provided and also the language spoken in the nation.

Medical Tourism in India

One of the common languages spoken by the people of India is English, which makes sure that the foreigners don’t face many language issues. It has been found through research that India offers medical facilities and treatments at extremely low prices compared to England and America and these are first class and highly effective regarding the ailments affecting the heart, eyes, bones and hips.

India also offers multifariousness in the branch of secondary and optional medicine and health conditions and ensures fitness and good health conditions in the majority of the ill and suffering. One of the other major reasons for travellers and tourists visiting India for meeting their medicinal and curative aims and objectives is that the treatments here are provided right on time and properly.

This saves a lot of time and assists with saving many valuable lives. The medical Tourism Corporation of India assists the tourists with causing their medical tour to India and organizing quality and effective medical services, doctors, nurses and surgeons for them.

This organization takes into consideration all the smallest possible things like medical, accommodation, visa and transport details of the tourists and takes them on a healthy, caring and pleasurable trip across India. It tries to meet most of their health needs and makes their trip worthy.

All the hospitals of India that are included under the medical travel company’s network are authorized and approved by the prestigious medical administrative body of JCI and are considered to be equal with respect to the medical standards set by the developed countries of England and America.


The JCI also makes sure that the existing imperfections and defects of the hospitals are remedied and that the latter’s actions and activities are executed carefully with complete responsibility and alertness. Chennai is one of the cities of India that has excellent medical facilities and infrastructure and is also known as the nation’s health capital.

The city is house to many famous multi and super speciality hospitals that bring in around one hundred and fifty patients per day from all across the globe. The chief reasons that are accountable for so many patients getting admitted in these hospitals are their cheap facilities, very less admission time periods and other modern amenities.

The other important and tourist hospitals of the city boast of providing outstanding medical treatments. Medical and dental clinics are present all over the city and are visited in huge numbers by tourists and people of all ages and backgrounds and that too, from diverse parts of the nation and abroad.

India is also store to the biggest chemist, medicinal and drug house of the world and produces many varieties and number of drugs. It merchandises drugs to multiple nations located all over the globe and offers exciting and rejuvenating natural, yoga, Ayurveda, spa and Panchkarma treatments to the tourists.

These treatments are offered in the midst of beautiful and calm ambience, sceneries and surroundings, which facilitate their quick recovery and make them all fit and healthy. These medicinal treatments are administered in states like Goa, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh. They bring about an equilibrium in the minds, souls and bodies of the tourists and remove all their physical, emotional and mental imbalances and blockages that are the roots to many incurable maladies and illnesses.


Also, the cool, scenic, refreshing and calm healthy ambience that India offers are quite accountable for the tourists turning up here to get themselves treated. The exotic and scenic locations of the nation make it an apt spot, wherein one can relax, recover and rejuvenate and also add a bit of pleasure to their health aims, objectives and purposes.

The kinds of food items and tasty delicacies available in this nation are conducive to the betterment and improvement of the ill and are apt to be consumed by them. This is one of the other chief grounds on the basis of which thousands of tourists are drawn towards India, and thus medical tourism thrives like hot cakes here.

Medical tourism in India is easy, soothing, satisfying and without any issues. It leads the patients from all over the globe towards a soul stirring and healthy trip across the nation, which is very enthralling and pleasant in nature.

The modern hospitals of India also have the latest technological advancements and are fully equipped with modern instruments that ensure the speedy recovery of the patients and that make sure that hygienic conditions exist during their treatments. Thus, medical tourism in India ensures quality and effective medical treatments to the tourists.