How Does swimming helps in weight loss


weight loss

swimming is considered as one of the best activity to burn fat.

pop in oxygen and it reaches to all corners of the body and inswimmingcrease the rate at which calories are burnt.

swimming lowers the stress level also after doing the good swimming workout.


             Reason for Belly Fat


Everybody requires specific calories per day so if exceed than body will get extra fat on the stomach.

1.Stomach increases cortisol level which is also responsible for belly fat.

2.Consumption of food high in sugar – fructose can cause abdominal obesity.swimm time

3.Low protein diet may also responsible for the belly fat.

4.Sleep disorder may also leads to weight gain.

5.It is also found that having unhealthy balance of gut bacteria may promote         body gain

How long to swim to burn fat

Keep the swimming 20- 45 mins to burn the belly fat and if you do swimming for 1 minute you will burn 0.3 calorie per minute..

swimming also strengthen the heart and enables it pump the blood.






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