Foods can cause the kidney Damage


As we all know that kidney plays an important role  in proper function and metabolism of body .kidney also helps in passing the waste ( excretion) as urine, also filters the blood before sending back to the hearts chamber .

kidney waste from the food ,toxic substance & medications. Kidney filters  approx 200 quarts of fluid per 24 hours.


Excessive amount of alcohol also leads to the kidney failure .alcohol increase the blood pressure & slow down the mechanism of kidney . Two glass of drinks can cause your kidney damage .alcoholDehydration is the major problem which is caused by the Kidney and not good for the kidney also.


caffeine raises the calcium level our kidney in results ,higher the risk of kidney stone .

Researches have shown the 3-4 cups of the cup of coffee a day may leads to kidney damage .caffeine increases the blood pressure as well, coffeepatients of blood pressure should avoid the excessive consumption of caffeine.


red meat also effects the kidney ,red meats like beef ,lamb, pork because these are high in protein extra amount of protein sometime become non filterable .meatso keep remain in kidney and further cause kidney damage.


dietary supplements are known as healthy supplements but in case of kidney also can be harmful if taken on a excessive level because they are also high in protein  every individual has specific strength or tendency to absorb the protein in body.dairy products If higher the number or amount of protein may be dangerous for kidney also.


Pain killers like paracetamol,opioids,NSAIDS these are certain painkillers which are told to avoid  and can be dangerous for the kidney also because these NSAIDS ( non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) slow down the blood flow to the kidneyantibiotics. Narcotics are also not given to the kidney patient because of its addictive effect.



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