Can height be increased after after 18 or 24



It is not said still yet that height is stopped growing after the 18 but yeah after 21 in boys and 17 in girls .there are minimum chances to increase height. It totally relies on our physiological change inside the body.height

You probably had heard somewhere or read that height won’t increase after the 18 but it is not 100% true actually it is totally based on the fusion of bones or joints or you can say on growth pate also. so If you are short at 18 so we must suggest you visit Endocrinologist or orthopedic surgeon at once so that may help in getting your proper height. but we advise you also after 21 or 24 don’t take any growth hormone pill , growth therapy or injection those will not worth that can ruin your mind, money & as well. few people claim also that stretching exercise can grow some inches see exceptions are always there but miracles happen only in heaven. 


The reason why height is stopped growing?


  1. Genetic Disorderheight
  2. Improper nutrition ,lack of calcium zinc & potassium etc.
  3. Minimum physiological activity
  4. 4.some kind of hormonal imbalance. (like long treatment before)5
  5. affected production of collagen.
  6. Rheumatologic disease.
  7. chronic kidney disease.
  8. Immunologic and metabolic disease.9
  9. .Hypothyroidism.10
  10. Growth hormone deficiency.11
  11. sexual precocity.12
  12. skeletal dyspepsia’s.

         Scientific facts

mechanism of heightIn boys after 14 the sex hormone started its production and in girls estrogen as well so as these sex hormones increases the growth plate which is inside the mid of the joints of knee and other joint’s of the body starts getting collapsed .when these fully collapsed that stage is known as fusion of joints means there would be minimum chances to increase the height but above all and after reading this you are consuming the growth hormone pill or growth hormone injection that’s not worth.

In some way growth hormone increasing techniques may work somewhere but after fusion that’s not worth because that technique may make your bone thick, not taller.


Chances before 18 or 21 –

* should consult to Endocrinologist or orthopedic surgeon as early as possible.xray height

* hormone test.

* X-ray of knee or joints.

* CT scan of a head if needed